Windows Photo Recovery

Tool to Retrieve Pictures on Windows

Whether you are a professional photographer or you like photography as a hobby, loss of pictures are always are heart breaking situation and can ruin your years of hard work. The loss of pictures can be either accidental deletion or through malicious damage. However, if similar frustrating event happens with you then need not to worry about it, because by use of this Windows rescue tool, lost images of your happy moments can be easily rescued.

There are a numbers of reasons which leads to image loss like accidental deleting, formatting, improper operation, virus, and others. Accidental deletion includes “Shift+Delete” without proper backup of folders having snap shot or deleting picture instead of saving it by selecting wrong button and later emptying Recycle Bin without backup. Let ‘s take a frequently occurring reason of photos loss, suppose user wants to delete any non-attractive pictures from folder and uses “ Shift+Delete” command, no sooner did this image gets deleted user come to know that selection of image was wrong. Thus that image gets deleted permanently from folders and bypasses Recycle Bin. This erased data can be recovered by making use of Windows photo recovery, which provides perfect solution.

Formatting of drive also could be a possible way of data loss. Formatting of drive is done for removing the data from it. Suppose user wants to format a drive but the time of selecting the drive wrong choice is made and other drive is selected, thus data of that drive is erased permanently. Apart from human error virus infection to the folder containing photos also makes corrupt the folder, consequently contents becomes inaccessible. Such files, when tracked by third party tool like antivirus are deleted instantaneously, for better functioning of system. The abrupt system shut down could results in hard drive crash, so images stored on hard drive may get inaccessible and your snap shot of memorable moments are lost in this tragedy.

To resolve picture related issues from various tragically occurred events, experts have developed proficient photo recovery software to address such type of painful situation. Window picture recovery tool is capable enough to recover images from deleted and lost folders very easily. Images lost from windows hard drive can be brought back using Windows Hard Drive Recovery application. Some of the features of this software is like supporting of all types of photo format like GIF, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and also capable recover photos from camera storage card. This tool performs Windows hard drive data recovery that supports popular file system including NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32, and FAT 16, which is working on different OS platform like XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003. It can recover video and audio data loss as well.

Follow below mentioned steps to Recover Photo from Windows Hard Drive

Step 1: Download Windows Hard Drive Recovery software and install it on your computer. Then open its Home Screen as shown in figure I. On next step select "Recover Photos" option.

Windows Photo Recovery - Home Screen

Figure I: Home Screen

Step 2: Chose the "Logical Drive" from where you wish to restore photo from the list of drives as shown in figure II.

Windows Photo Recovery - Select Logical Drive

Figure II: Select Logical Drive

Step 3: Finally, you will view the list of recovered photos as shown in figure III, where you can "Preview" images.

Windows Photo Recovery - Preview

Figure III: Preview