Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Windows 7

Tool to Retrieve Windows 7 Formatted Hard Drive

Do you know what exactly happens if you format the partition on Windows 7 based computers? All the files reside on that partition will be erased away. What will you do in such situations? This situation becomes more frustrating when you found the absence of backup of your important files. Do you re-create those files again? If you are thinking of how to get back data from formatted hard drive then no need to bother, as there are several techniques, which will help you in such circumstances. Windows HDD recovery software is the best technique when it comes to data recovery from such formatted hard disk drives.

Formatting of hard drive is quite common process for everyone. Before storing files, it is compulsory to format the hard drive to divide it into multiple partitions and to install the operating system. Since the formatting wipes all the data stored on the drive, in case if the user format the drive without taking a backup, then no one can bring you out of data loss trauma. In case if you have lost data due to formatting of your hard drive on Windows 8, Win 7 and its prior versions based computer and thinking about how to get them back, then here is the best feasible way. With the help of Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool, you can restore files from formatted hard drive irrespective of any data loss scenarios.

The following are the few most common data loss scenarios, which occurs when you format the hard drive of your Windows 7 based computers.

  • Sometime while reinstalling Windows 7 operating system, if you accidentally format the wrong partition containing your important files, then the data loss will be severe. Then to restore hard drive files easily, use this software through this link:
  • While changing the size of partition, if you perform the drive partitioning process without taking legitimate backup then you had to forfeit the complete data on that drive.
  • Some other instances like virus infection, file system corruption, or software conflicts might also force you to format the hard disk partition resulting in severe data loss.

Whatever be the cause for data loss, Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool will easily restore lost data from hard disk. You can use this tool to perform Windows deleted drive recovery on Windows 8, Win 7, XP and Vista platforms. This tool has built in "Find" option, which facilitates you to search any particular file from the list of recovered files based on various file attributes. In addition to Windows hard drive, it can also restore data from external hard drive, iPod, flash drive, FireWire drive, memory card etc. The "Save Recovery Session" feature of this tool helps you to avoid rescanning of hard drive. Also, file preview feature of this tool facilitates you to view the retrieved files before their restoration. Moreover, this tool will also recover data from Windows XP hard drive. It will restore more than 300 types of file formats including images, videos, audio files, zip archives etc.

Simple steps to recover data from formatted hard drive

Step 1: Download Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool and install it on your system and then open its home screen as shown in figure I.

Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Windows 7 - Home Screen

Figure I: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the formatted hard drive from where you want to restore data from the list of drives as shown in figure II.

Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Windows 7 - Select Hard Drive

Figure II: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: Finally, you will see the list of recovered files as shown in figure III.

Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Windows 7 - List of Retrieved Files

Figure III: List of Retrieved Files