Recover External Hard Drive Data

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

What will you do if your external hard drive is bumping with a crash again and again? External hard drive is the most vital drive when it comes to store your important files. However, there are times when the external hard drive crashes due to its extensive use. Sometimes this might also result in severe data loss. If something like this happens, what will you do?  Many users believe that only a professional recovery expert  can do the data recovery. However, this is not true. Recovering data from external hard drive is pretty simple when it is performed by an efficient Windows hard disk recovery tool.

In case if you don’t have a backup of files from external hard drive, then you can recover the files with the Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool. Whenever a file gets deleted, it is not completely erased from external hard drive. Only the pointer which points to the stored location of the file will be erased and the storage space is marked as available, but the actual stream of information still resides on the same stored sector. As Windows operating system fails to find such deleted files, this tool has advanced algorithm to search such files and restores them with the use its unique file signatures.

  • Sometimes user delete the files by pressing "Shift + Delete" keys, then the files bypass the recycle bin folder resulting in critical data loss.
  • Sometimes most of the users accidentally format their external hard drive without checking the content. If the formatted external drive contains your important files, then you will definitely lose them.
  • Sometimes while transferring files from external hard drive to computer, if user abruptly pull out the external hard drive before completion of file transfer process, then the chances of loosing files are pretty more.

To surmount data loss in any of the above scenarios, don’t pull out the external hard drive abruptly. It is always suggested to maintain a legitimate backup of your important files and folders.  Don’t save any new files on your external hard drive as it may overwrite the files on that drive. Once if it is overwritten then it’s highly difficult to recover lost data.

Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool can easily perform Windows deleted partition recovery so that even a new computer user can use this tool without any hassle. This tool facilitates you to add or edit the file signatures which are not listed during the file recovery process. It can also recover Windows XP hard drive and data from all types of external hard drives available in the market. Furthermore, it can also be used as formatted HDD recovery software for Windows 7 and all other versions of Windows operating systems.

Few simple steps to recover data from external hard drive

Step 1: Download and install Windows Hard Drive Recovery software on your system, connect the external hard drive to the computer and launch main screen of installed tool as shown in below figure a.

Recover External Hard Drive Data - Main Screen

Figure a : Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive/partition  i.e. external hard drive from the list of logical drives as shown in figure b.

Recover External Hard Drive Data - Select Partition

Figure b : Select Partition

Step 3: You will see the retrieved files list as shown in figure c.

Recover External Hard Drive Data - List of Retrieved Files

Figure c : List of Retrieved Files