Recover Deleted Windows Partition

How to Retrieve Deleted Windows Partition?

How do you feel if an entire partition containing your important files is accidentally deleted from Windows hard drive? It is even hard to imagine, but sometimes it takes place. There are times when most of the Windows computer users end up with accidentally deleting the entire partition from hard drive. In case if your deleted partition contains some important files, then you have to face the most severe data loss. If you are going through such type of data loss trauma, here is the best possible solution to get back your deleted partition from Windows hard drive. Using recover Windows hard drive software, it is very simple to retrieve lost or deleted partitions.

Most preferable ways to categorize and store files on the hard disk is by creating different partitions. Having multiple partitions on your Windows hard drive facilitates you to organize files in an efficient way. However, sometimes while partitioning most of the users commit a mistake by deleting a partition from hard disk. If something like this happens to you at any time, no need to fret. As you can recover Windows XP hard drive data at your fingertips.

Prior to discussing how to retrieve deleted partitions, let us see how Windows hard drive partitions may get deleted and its reasons.

  • While partitioning/re-partitioning Windows hard drive, sometimes users might accidentally delete the partition containing some of his important files. In case if the deleted partition is not backed up, the user will have to face severe data loss.
  • There are times in which Windows hard drive partition may get corrupt due to power outage or file system corruption. If the corrupted partition contains important files, then the severe data loss will be guaranteed. If you lose data from hard drive due to reinstallation of Windows, then also you can use this tool. For more help, visit:
  • Sometimes due to hard drive crash or OS crash , an entire partition of Windows hard drive might disappear. In case if the user unable to get the missing partition using the Disk Utility tool, then it might lead to loss of valuable files.

Irrespective of the data loss circumstance, Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool restores files within few minutes. Besides hard drives, you can also recover data from external hard drive, memory sticks, flash drives, iPods, USB drives, FireWire drives etc. This tool has an inbuilt scanning algorithm which searches the entire hard disk for lost or deleted files and restores them with the use of file signature. So, if any information is been lost from the hard drive due to system restoration, then also you can easily find those files using this application.

Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool provides an advanced facility to add/edit file signatures in case if they are not listed during the file recovery process. One can also use this tool to recover formatted Windows 7 hard drive and restore data from all versions of Windows operating systems. Furthermore, this tool facilitates you to retrieve more than 300 types of files including text documents, videos, spreadsheets, music files, zip files etc. This utility is efficient enough for performing photo rescue from various data loss scenarios and that too by investing very minimum amount of time. It allows you to save the recovery session to avoid hard drive re-scanning. Hence, it saves your valuable time.

Simple steps to retrieve deleted partition from hard drive

Step 1: Download and install Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool on your system and launch its home screen as shown in figure A

Recover Deleted Windows Partition - Home Screen

Figure A : Home Screen

Step 2: Select the partition which got deleted from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Recover Deleted Windows Partition - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: Finally, you will get to see the list of restored files as shown in figure C.

Recover Deleted Windows Partition - List of Retrieved Files

Figure C: List of Retrieved Files